PPA Samples & Docs

Here are some examples of PPA’s that will help you write your own.

Please note: We are not attorneys. We do not give legal advice. This is simply the way Stephen has written his PPAs.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t use these documents as templates – Go to Step 7 in Courses – inventRight 10 Step System in the menu above and follow the directions there. 

Below is a link to a PPA template the outlines each part of the PPA as you should construct it.

These are a few sample Provisional Patent Applications from Stephen’s SpinLabel Technology.

QR Code Integration into the Spin Label

Drug Interaction Information Integration with the Spin Label

Record Keeping as part of the Spin Label

Advertising in conjunction with the Spin Label

Digitally Printed Variable Data Interactive Rotating Label and Construction Of Same

There is a format to writing your PPA. Follow this format for best results.

  1. Field of invention. (DO NOT write about your invention in this section. It could be considered prior art later on.)
  2. The Problem
  3. The Solution (Explain your invention in great detail. Don’t add any trademarks, just explain your invention in simple words.)
  4. The Summary
  5. Drawings (Add lots of drawings of your invention. A drawing is worth a thousand words. Make sure these are line drawings. Find someone to do them for you if you can not create them yourself. Fiverr or Upwork are great places to find this type of help. Show how to construct your invention. Show how it is being used.)

Please note: Do not add claims to your PPA. They are note required. Claims should be written by a patent attorney. By adding claims now you could affect your PCT filing later. 99% of students will not be filing for international patents (PCT). If you are going to be filing worldwide patents please consult with a patent attorney.

Here is one of Stephen’s PPAs that was converted to a Non-Provisional Patent and Granted.

Please Note: The PPA was written by Stephen and then the Non-Provisional Application was written by his attorney. There is quite a difference between the two documents. The PPA provided enough information for the attorney to properly write the Non-Provisional Application.