Non-Coached Student Agreement


inventRight Student Agreement

Welcome to the inventRight Professional Inventor Program, the cornerstone of our Licensing Program. The steps you will undertake over your time with us are time–tested and true. You will learn and practice inventRight’s 10-Step System developed by our co-founder Stephen Key who has been through the steps himself. You will present your ideas and yourself to companies with excellence and professionalism – the inventRight way!

Please read the entirety of this Student Agreement (this “Agreement”) between yourself (the undersigned) and inventRight, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (“inventRight”). 

Commit Yourself!

You are the master of your destiny! To get the most from the inventRight Professional Inventor Program you’ll need to:

  1. Depending on your membership level you will be expected to attend online webinars. These webinars are scheduled at different times of the month. You can view the calendar inside the members site for upcoming webinars. You will also receive emails with upcoming webinars.
  2. Complete each of the 10 steps in the 10-Step System as they apply to your project.

You will learn how to repeat this process over and over again so that you can move any of your ideas through the 10 steps. Your inventRight website membership will be a resource to use along the way.

Communicate Openly and Freely

You are going to move forward through the real-life, hands-on process of licensing your ideas. The course will give you specific tasks to accomplish this. The course will direct you to watch training videos, read and work in the inventRight Learning Management System, and other activities to get you moving forward. The course is here to give you guidance. There are many materials available on the inventRight member’s site to help you along the way while you learn to present your ideas, and yourself, to potential licensees. If there is something you don’t understand contact an advisor to learn how we can help you further! You can book an appointment with an advisor by visiting our main website contact page:

Follow the Steps in the Right Order

The inventRight Professional Inventor Program produces the best results when all steps are completed and are pursued one step at a time to completion. You will follow each step in the website to move through the program, and your success depends on being prepared for the next step.

It’s very important that you set aside 3 to 6 hours every week to move your projects forward. Moving a project forward through the 10 steps can vary with the product you are working on. You should try your best to stick to the timeline in the “10-Step Timeline flowchart” inside the site.

Assume Responsibility for Your Own Success and Decisions

Your purchase of the inventRight Professional Inventor Program indicates your acceptance of the responsibilities outlined above and your release of all individuals and entities related to this program from any legal responsibility for your decisions in the program. Ultimately you are the one making your own decisions as to how you’d like to proceed with your projects.

You Keep 100% of Whatever You License

We are your coaches, mentors, and teachers. We never expect nor will ever ask for a percentage of any licensing contracts. You own 100% of any deal you sign.


We will keep your projects confidential and, accordingly, we’ll send you a non-disclosure agreement after you join to protect your confidential information. All our staff will be bound by the terms of this non-disclosure agreement. 

Discord Forum

The Discord forums are for the discussion of the steps and strategies detailed in the inventRight 10-Step System. You may ask, answer, or discuss any 10-Step System related question or topic you wish.

Service-related issues should be forwarded to Customer Service by calling 1-800-701-7993 or by emailing [email protected].

Since the inventRight Professional Inventor Program and 10-Step System are delivered in the English language, we ask that all posts to the discussion forums be in English. Posts in another language are not able to be reviewed by the forum moderator and will be removed immediately. Please remember that the information contained in a forum does not necessarily reflect the opinions or advice of inventRight and inventRight makes no representations or warranties as to the content or information contained in any forum, including, without limitation, representations as to the content and/or accuracy of the information contained in any such forum.

The following are NOT permitted in the discussion forums:

  • Advertisements and/or solicitations for business.
  • Obscenities or other offensive language or material.
  • Name calling, personal attacks or bullying.
  • Posts not directly related to course content.

We reserve the right to delete posts for any reason in our sole and absolute discretion, and any misuse of the forum is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to removal. All rights and remedies of inventRight in such instances are hereby reserved.

NOTE: Your Log-In ID and IP Address are recorded every time you post to a discussion forum.

Please remember, forums are public areas and, accordingly, any information which you desire to remain confidential, should not be shared in a forum, including details regarding your inventions or ideas. InventRight shall not be responsible for any student’s disclosure of information within a forum.

Consent and Release

By signing this Agreement, you hereby permit inventRight to utilize, release and disclose any success stories or testimonials, for the purpose of sharing your positive experience with others.

Intellectual Property

Any publication, reproduction, retransmission, or use of any inventRight’s trade secrets or other intellectual property, without the express written consent of inventRight is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


If you elected to purchase inventRight Professional Inventor Program using a payment plan, you are agreeing to make all payments in a timely manner. If there is a billing issue or question, you will need to respond to customer service inquiries within 5 days. The inventRight Professional Inventor Program is a monthly consecutive course, as determined by the particular program you are purchasing, and you are committing to completing it from the date of your purchase. Payment plans cannot be stopped and restarted. Month to month programs may be cancelled at any time by contacting support – [email protected]


This is an education and training program designed to help you gain personal, hands-on, and real-life experience by applying all 10-steps in the inventRight 10-Step System and getting your ideas in front of companies.

We are here to help you reach your objectives; however, we cannot do the work for you nor make any decisions on your behalf. The power of success is 100% in your hands. You should understand that your overall financial obligation to the program is not dependent on you or your idea’s success.

Legal Stuff

  1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, by executing this Agreement, you hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree that inventRight makes no representations, warranties, guarantee, endorsements or promises whatsoever regarding the success of you or your ideas and/or projects. You understand that all decisions shall be made in your sole and absolute discretion. Any suggestions made by inventRight are just that, suggestions, and any decisions regarding the subject matter related to such suggestions are to be made solely by you. INVENTRIGHT AND ITS STAFF ARE NOT LICENSED ATTORNEYS OR CPAs AND, ACCORDINGLY, YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL AND TAX REPRESENTATION.
  2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you hereby release inventRight, its officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and affiliates from all liability, including, without limitation, arising from any claims or assertions relating to your success or lack thereof. You expressly acknowledge, understand, and agree that inventRight’s monetary liability arising from or related to this Agreement (including consequential, punitive and/or incidental damages) is limited to the amounts paid by you to inventRight.
  3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein: (i) in no manner whatsoever shall inventRight, nor any of its employees, agents or contractors, be deemed your employee or agent; (ii) no amendment or modification of this Agreement shall be valid or binding upon the parties unless made in writing and signed on behalf of you and inventRight; (iii) this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada; any action brought to enforce the terms hereof shall be exclusively in Washoe County, Nevada; (iv) this Agreement may be executed in counterparts (pdf/email/online consent acceptable); and (v) time is of the essence as to every provision of this Agreement.
  4. By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge understand and agree that you have been provided inventRight’s Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and have read the same in their entirety. To the extent any of the provisions of this Agreement are inconsistent with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall govern and control.

We look forward to working with you as you learn to apply the inventRight Professional Inventor System. Your satisfaction is our goal. We are committed to providing the best service possible. If you experience any service challenges, please contact us by calling Customer Service at 1-800-701-7993 or emailing [email protected] and allow us to address your concerns immediately. We are committed to your long-term success and look forward to serving you as we experience the personal coaching process together.

By clicking the acknowledgement check box, you acknowledge, understand and agree that you have read this Agreement in its entirety and are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set forth above.